Al-Jabr Company started in 1952 when the sons of Sheikh Hamad Mohammed Al-Jabr began their journey into the world of commerce with the establishment of a small company trading in foodstuffs. The company has grown into a multi-faceted corporation interests and involvement in a number of widely different industries. This growth was hinted at when the company first launched into international activity in 1956 at Al-Khobar.

We, Al-Jabr Rent a Car Company, are distinguished from our competitors by innovation in providing service in order to strive in order to gain the approval and satisfaction of all our customers in a professional framework with which no one can compete with us. Our company has one of the largest networks of branches and pickup points distributed throughout the Kingdom.

We are always working on expanding our fleet to provide the best and latest types of cars for rental services.

Board of directors

Maher Aljabr
Omar Aljabr
Abdul Aziz Al-Jabr
Saad Al-Jabr

Review Committee

Hatem Al-Wabel

Eredit committee

Mohammed Alshaee

Remuneration Committee

Waleed Al-Ahmadi

Executive committee

Maher Abdel-Latif Al-Jabr

Rental Requirements

valid Saudi license
at Least 21 Years Old.
ID Card.

our Services

Used Car Sales.
Long Term Corporate Leasing.
Daily and Monthly Rentals.